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Recent Reads: Those who are loved by Victoria Hislop

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Those who are loved by Victoria Hislop has settings throughout Themis's life, who is in her 90s in the modern day Greece.

It's a family saga, as we see Themis growing up with siblings with very different political views.  Themis and her brother Panos support communism, and Margaretha and Thanassis support the right wing, which includes fascists.

The beginning has us meeting Themis telling her story to two of her grandchildren, and the majority of the rest of the book is going through her life, and the life of Greece as it roils under the Nazi's, fascism and civil war.

This was such an education in what happened in Greece in the 20th century.  It put historical events into context, and as we could see both political sides, we could see more of the suffering, and the celebration.

Victoria Hislop also wrote The Island, about a family's link to a leper colony, which I read in 2009 (hurrah for GoodReads!), and enjoyed!  

Those who are loved is published on 30t…

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